Instant Steam Generator 50-850kg/hr


Range: 50-850kg/hr

Pressure : 10.54 – 24 Kg/Cm2g

Steam Boiler for Process Heating

Product Info

This is a versatile, fully automatic, instant steam-generating range of boilers designed for safe and reliable operations. Easy to install and commission, these time-tested boilers require very little maintenance. It features a specially designed furnace and combustion system to burn difficult heavy oils and offers fuel flexibility between light and heavy oils to help respond to fluctuating fuel prices.

Product Feature

Efficiency of 88% on NCV
Reverse flame technology
Unique patented membrane design
Built-in heat recovery device
Membrane design allows a large tube diameter for the coil enabling better steam dryness, less frequent de-scaling, longer coil life, and minimum downtime
Unique economizer – optimiser design ensures maximum heat recovery without the possibility of feed water pump failure due to boiling/vapor causing cavitations and pump failure
Unique circulation burner design prevents leakage and eliminates fire hazard
Ceramic wool refractory allows fast cooling of the top plate and easy maintenance
Easy access to all parts requiring maintenance
Powder-coated, well-lit control panel for a better life in an industrial environment and easy monitoring


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