D type water tube boilers


Capacity: 10 TPH onwards

D Type Watertube Boilers

Industrial watertube boilers are used for various high capacity process applications requiring higher pressures and temperatures, large quantities of dry, high-quality steam, and the potential for additional heat by means of superheaters. These highly efficient boilers are preferred in these applications because the design facilitates good feed water circulation, which enables a faster steam-raising and generation process. Additionally, the weight of the water tube boiler is much less compared to other types of boiler of equivalent size due to a reduced volume of water in the boiler.

D type watertube boiler design

D-type water tube boilers are designed with a large steam drum at the top, vertically connected to a smaller water drum (or “mud drum”) at the bottom, via multiple steam-generating tubes which carry feed water (providing the main heat transfer surfaces for the production of steam). These are surrounded by walls made up of larger water-filled tubes, which make up the furnace.
“D” type water tube boilers are designed to reduce overall project cycle time and to lower steam-generating equipment costs.


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